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English breakfast-inspired burritos

November 19, 2011

Today was one of those wonderful Saturdays. Ben and I went to bed last night with big plans for all sorts of work we needed to do, but we woke up today and decided to relax and enjoy the day instead. We read our e-mails in bed, made a big pot of oatmeal with soya milk, cinnamon, chia seeds, and frozen berries on top for breakfast, and read the newspapers for a while. Once our oatmeal was digested, we went for a long, leisurely run in the sunshine on country lanes surrounded by beautiful fields – some with horses and sheep. I was very happy with how I felt during the run, because we ran approximately five miles, and it had been nearly two weeks since our last run. I am tired now, and I am sure I will feel it a bit tomorrow, but it was wonderful to get my legs moving and feel my heart pumping again.

When we came back, we were both quite hungry, and the truth is, we don’t have a lot of food in the house at the moment, so our options were limited. However, in order to run, we had skipped making our planned English breakfast this morning, so we had eggs, bacon, and baked beans on hand. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, an English breakfast is a delicious (but initially quite strange if it’s not what you’re used to it) combination of foods which is served in the mornings at most restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts in England. It generally includes: eggs (often fried), bacon, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, black pudding (I skip this part), bread, and the famous British Heinz Baked beans. Other than the black pudding, which I am not sure if I will ever come to terms with, I have grown to love English breakfasts. However, they can feel a bit heavy and unhealthy to me, and very meat-focused given how little meat I eat these days. Especially after a nice long run, I didn’t want anything quite so heavy.

Thus the English breakfast-inspired burrito:

English breakfast-inspired burrito

Serves: 2


4 eggs (poached)

4 slices of smoked back bacon

1 tin of Heinz baked beans (the British version – see picture of can below – you can find the British version at World Market stores in the States and they really are different)

2 small handfuls of spinach

2 large wraps

Ketchup for serving

I made the food while Ben made us a delicious juice (I’ll post some favorite juice recipes soon), and when I am cooking on my own, I like to get everything ready that I can. Therefore, I started by emptying the tin of beans into a saucepan on a low to medium heat. They don’t need much attention, but they do need an occasional stir.

I boiled a small amount of water in the kettle and poured a thin layer of it into the bottom of the egg poaching pan – maybe half an inch deep, put a bit of rapeseed/canola oil on a paper towel and greased the egg cups (you hardly need any oil, but this makes it much easier to get the eggs out), and then cracked the eggs into the egg cups. I then covered the egg pan with the lid and turned them onto a medium to high heat until they turned white all over and became fairly firm.

I then greased the frying pan for bacon with the same bit of oil on a paper towel that I used for the egg cups, then turned that burner on to a high heat. When the bacon pan started to heat up, I lay the bacon into the pan, and while everything cooked, I got the wraps, spinach, and ketchup ready, flipping the bacon, stirring the beans, and checking the eggs occasionally. When everything was ready, we each put two slices of bacon, a small handful of spinach, two eggs, and several spoonfuls of beans into a wrap and folded it up. The ketchup is missing in the pictures, but don’t forget to dip the burritos in ketchup. It is a key ingredient!

I really enjoyed these burritos, as they were filling and tasty, but slightly less greasy than the traditional English breakfast. Also, these could easily be made vegetarian or vegan by substituting sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and/or tempeh bacon for the bacon and/or eggs if you prefer.

And if possible, I highly recommend serving these burritos with a fresh juice! Although I guess I would recommend serving almost anything with fresh juice. Delicious!

And best eaten while listening to Manchester City football (soccer) team on the radio when they’re winning…

Hope you had a nice Saturday! Enjoy!

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  1. November 20, 2011 6:41 pm

    My kids love breakfast burritos (although I would never get away puttind spinach in them)

    • November 22, 2011 12:43 pm

      Haha, well I guess the spinach could easily be left out…maybe your kids wouldn’t mind adding mushrooms and/or tomatoes to still get some veggies in?


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