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Reflections on training

February 21, 2012

I have now spent the past two days learning the policies and procedures for the specific NHS Trust I will be joining. And the good news is that I am even more excited about my job now than I was before I spent two days in a darkened room listening to people give presentations about everything from proper waste management and IT policies to fire safety and patient services.

That may sound sarcastic, and to a degree maybe it is, but I really am even more excited than ever before to start my new job. I may joke about it, but I actually enjoyed many aspects of the training, and although it wasn’t all relevant to me, I thought the people organizing the sessions and giving the lectures were very good, and made as much as the material interesting for as many people as they could.

My favorite session was the one related to patient services and satisfaction. The presenter (along with a great video) was very good at demonstrating the importance of not only the clinical care, but the ‘customer service’ as well, and how important it is that the patient receives this type of service throughout their visit to the hospital.

Having come from a different health system, I have felt frustrated, uninformed, and at times, unimportant when attending NHS appointments. I could really identify with the video based on a patient’s experience (and subsequent complaint) in this regard. I am very grateful for the services I have received through the NHS, and I have received some wonderful care, but if even one person at the reception desk is slightly short with me, or if I don’t understand what is happening and why, it makes an already stressful situation far worse, and I find myself far less confident than normal. When you are a patient, you are not in your normal frame of mind, and as staff, I think it is very important to do everything possible to keep patients informed and at ease. I hope that having this highlighted at the training session will make people working at my hospital more aware of this issue, and hopefully fewer will feel the way I have felt myself at times in the past.

Anyway, I am too tired to think clearly and I am not even sure if what I have written makes any sense, but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed parts of the training and met some very nice people, and I am very, very excited to see my department and meet the people I will be working with tomorrow.

Sorry for the lack of pictures…but I will try to write more soon.

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