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Almost Wordless Wednesday

March 21, 2012

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks during our move. As you can see, the photography isn’t necessarily the most impressive as some of the photos were taken from the car, but we have had some beautiful weather, and I think we live in a very pretty area. I hope you agree!

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  1. March 21, 2012 1:44 pm

    At the risk of sounding like a mortician, I think all the pictures are pretty, especially the one of the cemetery!

  2. March 24, 2012 7:51 pm

    wow, what a gorgeous gorgeous country. My husband is in the beginning stages of thinking about applying for a ph.d. program. There’s a few in England he’s looking at. Though there’s some in the US he’ll also be applying to, I’m rooting for the ones in the UK. I can’t even imagine living in the beauty year round.

    • March 26, 2012 7:23 pm

      Thank you Emily! I think it’s gorgeous here. Definitely different from the midwest, and I still get really homesick at times, but I do recommend it. Where in the UK are the programs your husband is applying? Would it be near where you guys did your travelling or in London or all over the place? I’m sure your husband knows that the PhDs are very different here, but they really are very different so it’s something to keep in mind.

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