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Olympic Inspiration and Wonderful Weekend Re-cap

July 29, 2012

Did anyone else watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday night? What did you think? It took all of my energy, but I managed to stay awake until nearly 1am, and I watched the entire thing. Wow, was it creative and fun.

Now that all of the events are on, I am trying to find the right balance between watching every second of the events that I can, and getting off the couch to do something active myself. I just got back from the gym, so I feel justified in putting my feet up and watching other people exercise now for the rest of the evening. I guess that is why I could never be an Olympic athlete! I just don’t have the same level of drive.

However, I have started thinking about some things I might like to accomplish. I will wait to tell you about it until I make up my mind for sure, but I am excited about the idea of setting a goal and going for it. One thing I can tell you is that my goal is not to become an Olympic gymnast, although this was my goal when I was about seven or eight years old (in spite of never taking a single lesson). It is one sport I have been watching lately which I can’t imagine EVER being able to do! I know I can’t swim as fast as the swimmers or run as fast as the runners, or do anything at the level of the athletes I am watching, but I can at least identify with them. Watching the gymnastics just blows me away. I am not sure the human body is meant to move like they do!

Other than going to the gym, we have had a fun busy weekend. Friday night we got a take-away/take-out dinner, which was a rare treat! We went for a walk to pick the food up, opened a bottle of wine and watched the opening ceremony. Yesterday we went out for a drive to the little village of Bakewell, which is about 20 minutes away from our flat, and it is a very picturesque spot in the Peak District with old buildings and a market square and a river running alongside the town.

We went for a stroll and bought some fresh local eggs and some lovely local sausages from a small butcher shop, and then we headed toward home.

However, it was such a beautiful day that we decided to take a bit of a detour. When my parents last visited a couple of years ago, some friends took them out for a day and they went to a farm shop at the Chatsworth stately home. This isn’t too far from where we live, and the farm shop is supposed to be amazing, so we decided to just stop and have a look. You were right Mom. This place is truly incredible. And it really isn’t that far from where we are living. I can’t wait to go back.

This farm shop is absolutely massive. It has every food you could ever imagine, and all of it looks amazing. I didn’t take any pictures of the inside, because it was very crowded, but I could have spent all day there. There is also a restaurant, which I am fairly certain would serve delicious food. However, even without sitting down to eat, we were able to take in the views.

I am off to bed now, but already looking forward to next weekend.

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