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Motivational Monday

May 13, 2013

I often wish that I could run further or lift heavier weights, or that our flat was cleaner, or that I was better at keeping in touch with family and friends….

The funny thing about wishing these things is that I sometimes let my wish to do more stand in the way of doing anything at all. It feels impossible to run as far as I would like or to get the flat spotless, or to catch up with ALL of my family and friends in the time that I have on a given day. But what I always find is that starting is the hardest part. I always feel better if I get out for a run (however long or short it might be), if I do a bit of tidying (even if things aren’t perfect), or if I pick up the phone or write an e-mail (even if there are lots of other people I still want to talk to/write to).

That’s why I love this saying, which I came across over the weekend.


It’s far easier said than done, but I am hoping to take my own advice this week and spend less time wishing and more time doing.

Have a good Monday, everyone. And I hope all of you moms in the US (and everywhere) had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday!


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