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July 7, 2013

Sorry for the long blog silence… The good news is that I did manage to type up trip posts as I went along (mostly during flights) while we were away in the US. However, I just never took the time to sit down and sort through photos to accompany the text, so I didn’t manage to complete any posts after the first few days (Post 1 and Post 2).

I am really glad that I used every possible minute back home to hang out with my family because I miss them like crazy now, but I am also glad I took a bit of time to type up some posts while I was away because I know that I will be happy to have them.

Therefore, my plan is to publish a few trip recap posts over the course of the next week or so, but the truth is, I am too homesick today to re-read what I wrote and look through the pictures. Therefore, for today, I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and share a few pictures from our first weekend back in the UK. It has been a gorgeous sunny weekend and after a day back at work on Friday, it was wonderful to have a weekend to unpack and do laundry and try to get back onto a normal sleep schedule (all of this except the sleep has been successful).

Yesterday we went to the greengrocer and bought quite a haul of fresh fruits, vegetables, and local eggs.


We also went for a nice early evening walk with friends to a pub in a gorgeous setting and sat out in the sunshine before going out for a curry.

Last night, we got to sleep easily but we were woken up by our neighbours at 12:30am, and neither of us got back to sleep until around 3am. Therefore, we got started the day a bit later than planned this morning, but managed to put together some delicious smoothies and go for a gorgeous long walk starting from where we live. We discovered some beautiful paths which I am looking forward to exploring more, and I am really excited to have them right on our doorstep.





We got home in time to do another load of laundry and make some lunch before watching the Wimbleon final, which was very exciting, and ended with an Andy Murray victory. Hurray!


And we had some delicious lemon mint ice water which was very refreshing on such a hot sunny day.


Since then, we have just been trying to get organised and we are about to have a late dinner before heading to bed.

Here’s hoping for a better night of sleep so that I can concentrate at work tomorrow!

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