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Happy Four Week Anniversary Chris and Iain!

September 21, 2013

I am really not sure where the past few weeks have gone. Time always seems to go by quickly, but it feels like the past few weeks really have disappeared without a trace. And that means that a couple of very important occasions haven’t made it onto the blog. One of these was Chris and Iain’s lovely wedding four weeks ago tomorrow. I had been looking forward to this wedding for a very long time, and it felt like a perfect day.

It was a three day bank holiday weekend at the end of August, the weather was gorgeous, the grooms looked incredibly handsome and incredibly happy, and every detail of the day showed how much love, care, and planning had gone into this very special event.


I really wish I had taken more pictures of the day, but I was too busy celebrating and catching up with friends and enjoying myself to pull the camera out of my bag. Therefore, I only have this picture of Chris and Iain plus a couple of pictures of Ben and me all dressed up, and I don’t have any pictures of the gorgeous town hall, the elegant room where the ceremony was held, the beautiful venue for the reception at Room Restaurant, the lovely food and drinks, the magnificent cake made by Chris’s mom, the very personal and touching toasts, the first dance, the packed dance floor, or any of the lovely people we were able to catch up with.

It is nice to have a couple of pictures of Ben and me since we don’t normally get very many of us together, especially all dressed up, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves, but we were not the focus of the day.



However, in spite of the lack of pictures, my memory of the event will not fade any time soon. We felt incredibly lucky to be included in this wonderful day, and had so much fun catching up with friends, and being spoiled with delicious food and bottomless glasses of prosecco and wine. In fact, maybe I should say that I will remember the day in spite of the bottomless glasses of prosecco and wine!

Either way, I hope the first month of marriage has been your first of many, many, many, many, many happy months as a married couple!

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