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Favorite Related Blogs

Mariann Mat

This is an incredible food blog, written by one of my closest friends, so I can personally vouch for the amazing food that she makes. However, the blog is currently written in Norwegian, so if you would like any recipes translated, please let me know and I am happy to try to translate them, or feel free to contact Mariann who will definitely be able to translate them for you (her English is probably even better than my English!).


Eat and Be

Unfortunately, this blog is no longer being updated, but it contains lots of great recipes, and really good information about IBS and how to manage IBS. In fact, Eat and Be is the first blog I ever followed, and it has been the most useful source of information I have found in terms of managing my IBS.


Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is a blog about healthy living, delicious vegan food including lots of incredible recipes for vegan baked goods (which is wonderful because that means they are all dairy-free), exercise, career happiness, and a little bit about eating disorders. In addition, the photography is out of this world, and Angela, who writes it is very creative and a wonderful writer.


Daily Garnish

This blog is written by a vegetarian, marathon runner chef – also a new mom – who recently quit her job and went back to culinary school. Now that she has finished culinary school, Emily writes this blog and several others, works on a home business with her husband, develops recipes (most of which are vegan), and looks after her new baby. The recent baby pictures are a welcome addition, and the recipes are delicious!


If I want to procrastinate, I also love to check these food blogs:

Peas and Thank You (vegan mom who writes delicious recipes and very funny stories)

Eat, Live, Run (blog written by a chef who cooks lots of different foods and takes mouth-watering photos)

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